Known Issue: Cannot Authenticate Google Web Connections

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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FME Version

  • FME 2018.x


Google has recently changed their OAuth authentication web page. The newer page is incompatible with FME versions 2018.0 to 2019.0 releases. As a result, you can no longer create new web connections to Google Services e.g. Google Drive, Google Sheets, Google Gmail etc.


When you attempt to create a new Web Connection for a Google Service, when you select "Authenticate", the "Web Service Authentication" window will remain blank and does not load:


Versions Affected

FME Desktop 2018.0, 2018.1 or 2019.0 across all platforms


It is recommended to upgrade to FME 2019.1 or newer, which is available from

If you are unable to upgrade to FME 2019.1 or newer, you will need to still install FME 2019.1 or newer to create a Web Connection for the Google Service. It is possible to have multiple versions of FME on a single machine and in this scenario, all information related to web connections is stored in a shared location. Therefore, it is possible to create the connection using a newer version of FME and it will become available in other FME versions installed on the same machine.

After creating the Web Connection in FME 2019.1+, you will be able to access the Web Connection from FME 2018.0-2019.0. To summarize, here are the steps to take:

1. Install FME 2019.1 or newer
2. In FME Options create a Web Connection for the Google Service you wish to use
3. Open the FME version you would like to work with (2018.0-2019.0)
4. Add the Reader/Writer/Transformer and the Web Connection created in step 2 will be available for use

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