Hosting the FME Flow System Database on Oracle

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To share some extra troubleshooting tips for configuring FME Flow (formerly FME Server) to use the System Database on an Oracle Database.



You have followed the instructions found here to change the database provide to Oracle but FME Flow is still not working correctly. Symptoms might be that the Web UI is not populating correctly or the FME Flow service processes are continuing to restart (see Task Manager).  The fmeServer.log and fmeProcessMonitorCore.log are indicating error messages related to the database.



In FME Flow there are two places the JDBC Driver (ojdbc.jar) file needs to be placed:
1) C:\Program Files\FMEFlow\Utilities\tomcat\lib\
2) C:\Program Files\FMEFlow\Utilities\jdbc\
Copy the files here and restart the FME Flow Core & the FME Flow Web Application services.
This also assumes you have reconfigured the fmeFlowWebApplicationConfig.txt and fmeCommonConfig.txt with the correct DB_JDBC_URL parameters for the new Oracle database host. 



In older versions of FME Server, you may find an old driver file called ojdbc7- in C:\Program Files\FMEServer\Utilities\tomcat\lib\  If you are updating to a newer ojdbc jar file please ensure you remove this older driver file, replacing it with the same file you placed in C:\Program Files\FMEServer\Utilities\jdbc.  



Please use the ojdbc8 driver file from any version (ex 18c, 19c, or 21c) found on the Oracle JDBC Driver download page.

Caution: Testing has confirmed that the ojdbc10.jar drivers do not work with FME Flow (tested in 2020 & 2021). 
Please see this article for more information on the testing that has been performed to date (link).

Note for FME Flow 2021.0+: We have made changes and there is now a single configuration file called fmeDatabaseConfig.txt that holds the DB_JDBC_URL parameters for the Oracle database host.

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