After an FME Server Upgrade I cannot log in

Liz Sanderson
Liz Sanderson
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After an express installation upgrade I can access the FME Server Web Application log in page, however after I have entered my credentials, I am not logged in, but there is no error reported on the Web UI.

In the fmeserver.log you may see an error like the one below, stating that a column or table does not exist:

ERROR: column t.priority does not exist

This indicates that the FME Server System Database schema does not match the upgraded FME Server Version.

Note: You can find the fmeserver log here: <FMEServerFileSystemShare>\FME Server\resources\logs\core\current | old


The uninstaller failed to remove the FME Server System Database files and in the new install these old files were not overwritten. The upgraded FME Server registers with these files and appears to start up ok but it has actually connected to the System Database that carries the old schema (old tables).

You can confirm that this is the issue by navigating to <filesystemshare>\Safe Software\FME Server\pgsql and checking the Date Modified for the data folder or any of the contents within that folder. If any of those dates are earlier than the new installation date then elements of that folder were left behind during the uninstall process and were not rewritten during the new install causing the mismatch in database schema.


  1. Shut down all FME Server Services and ensure there are no fmeserver processes running in Task Manager.
  2. Uninstall FME Server.
  3. Review the pgsql subfolder and if the data folder is still present, delete it. pgsql.png
  4. Re-install the new FME Server version.
  5. Run the Restore in the new FME Server Web UI using the .fsconfig backup file.

Note: This may also occur in a Distributed Installation where your System Database is hosted in Oracle, Postgres, or SQL Server. When upgrading FME Server, it is always necessary to update the System Database using the database scripts that are part of the new installation.

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