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Experience with FME
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Certification Quiz
You will also be asked to complete a written quiz. This link be sent to you upon submitting your application. Please note that in order to pass the quiz, you will need to achieve at least 70%. It is worth noting that some questions will be worth more than others. Please take your time to review any applicable material before beginning the quiz.

Certification Application

Please provide a minimum of 2 sample projects that demonstrate an advanced level of expertise on FME. You should provide workspaces and any related files or information, just as if you were delivering a solution to a client.
To submit the workspaces, please compress all files into one zip file and upload below:

Current References
Please provide a minimum of 2 references that can speak to any projects you have worked on for them in the past 2 years, one that is preferably familiar with FME. References should be able to answer the questions below in detail.

Reference questions:

  • What was the most impressive aspect of the project that the candidate was able to accomplish?
  • How would you rate the candidate’s knowledge of FME? How did they demonstrate best practices in their workspaces? For example, are their workspaces clear and maintainable?
  • Please describe the candidate’s demeanor. For example, did they act professionally and ethically at all times? Were they personable and willing to help? Was their work organized and were they able to meet the expected deadlines?

Reference 1:

Reference 2:

 I have received consent from my references to share their contact information with Safe Software regarding my FME Certification.
 I have read the FME Certification guidelines, and am aware of the standards required in order to gain certification.
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